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Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems in Houston, TX

We offer two types of irrigations systems; above ground and underground.

  1. An above ground system is the least expensive and easiest to maintain but can only be used in flower beds. 
  2. An underground system can be used for the entire yard. The underground system has a rain gauge and impact sprinkler head for least breakage.

Watering Tips:

When the flower beds are prepared properly, you can water less.

The wrong way to water your lawn after installing a sprinkler system is every day for ten minutes. The reason why is that the root system of the grass goes down into the soil SIX inches, shallow watering causes the grass roots to move to the surface where the moister is.

The wrong way to water the plants is every day for ten minutes or watering shallow. The reason why is that the root system of the plants root ball is down approximately SIX inches or MORE, depending on the gallon size of the plant. Ten minute watering is only getting the top two to three inches of the root ball.

The proper way to water is to increase the watering time to 30 to 45 minutes depended on the soil or when you see water running down the concrete. Also, try watering every two to four days instead of daily. This will help eliminate root rotting and fungus problems.

  • The simplest way to figure out how to water your shrubs; droopy leaves are a good indication that the plants need to be watered. 
  • The simplest way to figure out how to water your grass; if you walk across the lawn and the grass does not spring back within five minutes, it needs water.

What Our Clients Say

“OJS did a wonderful job on my yard. They took a neglected and overgrown space and transformed it into something we can be proud of! Now our home has beautiful curb appeal!”
Derek S., Pearland, TX