On the Job Services of Houston, TX

Fire and Water Damage Restoration | Houston, TX

We are not like most water restoration companies in the Houston, TX area who just tear out the damaged area and leave you high and dry to find a good reliable company to put every thing back in order.

We will work with you through whole process from beginning to the end.

Our Process:

  1. We will assign our independent adjustor to meet with the insurance company adjustor and we help you with filing your claim. The reason is that the insurance company adjustor is there to represent the insurance company, not you. This way we can relieve you of the stress        
  2. We will remove all water-damaged material in the area.
  3. We will check the whole area with our moisture meter.
  4. We will spray the entire area down.
  5. We will install blowers and a dehumidifier to dry and pull out the moisture in the damaged area. You can also use your a/c unit until we get there, which can act as a dehumidifier to slow down contamination.
  6. We will help put your home and life back together again.  


What Our Clients Say

“OJS did a wonderful job on my yard. They took a neglected and overgrown space and transformed it into something we can be proud of! Now our home has beautiful curb appeal!”
Derek S., Pearland, TX