On the Job Services of Houston, TX

About Us

Who We Are

OJ’s Lawn Care & Landscaping has been in business for 29 years. Not only are we still working for some of our first customers, but now working for their children as well. Now under the new brand of On The Job Services, we are able to provide the same great landscaping and lawncare services that you love, plus the added benefits of our additional services!

We can manage and provide full lawn care, landscaping service, drainage, remodeling and renovations, fire/water damage restoration and much more. We are fully insured and bonded and own all of our equipment. On The Job Services is a family owned business, so we take working for you and your family very seriously.

On The Job Services offers flexible service plans from Full to Partial service with Horticulture experience. If you are a very busy person, travel often, or just do not want to hassle with lawn equipment and repair, then we have options for you. What should you look for when choosing a landscaping/service company? EDUCATION - EXPERIENCE - COMMUNICATION

Why Choose Us?

  • Education: Our founder/owner, OJ White has a degree from Lamar University in design.
  • Experience: Full lawn service, landscaping, hardscaping, ponds, waterfalls, outdoor recreation and entertainment, decking, fences, arbor, patio, gazebo, porch, concrete, pergola, drainage and walkway. Real Estate, Home Inspection, Home Repair and Remodeling (Interior and Exterior)
  • Communication: Most lawn service companies do not have a land line or a physical address, so if a problem occurs they will disappear and you will be unable to locate them for a resolution. With us, if there is a question or problem that needs some attention at you place of business or residence, you can reach a live person quickly and easily. You can rest assure that your problem will be handled professionally and with the utmost sense of urgency.

What Our Clients Say

“OJS did a wonderful job on my yard. They took a neglected and overgrown space and transformed it into something we can be proud of! Now our home has beautiful curb appeal!”
Derek S., Pearland, TX